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Six Things You Need To Consider When Getting Slate Roofing Tiles

by | May 19, 2023 | PRS Roofing

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Builders have used slate roofing tiles for centuries due to the incredible durability and attractive appearance. Many modern homeowners choose slate roofing for their homes to take advantage of the many benefits of this natural material, including excellent fire and water resistance and a classic curb appeal. 

If you’re considering a slate roof installation for your home, consider the following carefully. In this article, the PRS team explains why, though beautiful and long-lasting, slate roofs aren’t the best option for every home. 

What Is Slate Tile Roofing?

U.S. builders and homeowners have been drawn to slate roofing since the early 1800s, and interest in slate roofs peaked in the 1970s. Today, many homeowners consider replacing their roofs with slate materials.

A slate roof consists of tiles cut from quarried stone. Natural slate provides an almost sparkling appearance due to mica flakes embedded throughout the sedimentary material. Slate’s appearance appeals so much to homeowners and builders that manufacturers produce synthetic slate materials to match the striking look of real slate.

Slate Roofing Tiles

Six Things to Consider When Getting a Slate Roof

Choosing the proper roofing materials for your home requires specific considerations, especially for slate roofs. Before you move forward with your slate roof installation, consider the following:

1. Weight 

Natural slate roofing tiles weigh a lot more than other roofing materials. Just 100 square feet of slate tiles can weigh between 800 and 1,500 pounds, which is four to eight times heavier than composite shingles. Many houses need upgraded structural supports before installation to accommodate such a heavy roof load.

Without the proper framing to support slate roofing materials, homes with slate roofs face cave-ins and other problems. Before you install a slate roof on your home, ensure that your home can stand up to the weight.

2. Cost 

Because slate roofing tiles consist of quarried stone, they cost much more than more common materials, such as asphalt tiles. The overall costs of a slate roof installation exceed the price of conventional shingles four or five times over, so slate roofing may not be your best option if your roof installation depends on a strict budget. 

However, slate tile tends to last much longer than other roofing materials, so the high initial costs may balance out by providing a significantly longer-lasting roof. While an asphalt roof may cost four or five times less than a slate roof, it may only last a tenth of a slate roof’s lifespan. You must balance the initial and long-term investment to choose your best option.

3. Installation

Slate roofs can last one hundred years, but improper installation significantly cuts down on that lifespan and even fail to protect the home below. Unlike other roofing materials that come in sheets, roofers install slate tiles individually, so contractors must know what they’re doing to avoid poor placement, tile breakage, and other installation issues.

Choose a roofing team that has experience with slate roofing materials to ensure a properly installed slate roof. Luckily, companies like PRS Roofing have the expertise to install your slate roof properly. Contact our team today if you need roof installation services in Orlando or the surrounding area. 

4. Maintenance

Though very durable, natural slate tile is brittle and may crack when heavy objects fall on the roof. Even walking on a slate roof can result in cracked or crushed tiles because slate tiles don’t flex or bend. Maintenance on slate materials should always be performed by a roofing professional who understands how to walk on them without causing damage. 

Because it comes from natural quarries, slate doesn’t come with manufacturer warranties, and replacing tiles may get expensive. It can also prove challenging to match the color of a new tile with the existing roof because slate colors vary. Before you commit to a slate roof, consider the maintenance requirements, especially concerning the cost and ease of repairs. 

5. Durability

As we touched on already, slate roofing tiles provide excellent durability. Slate tiles resist fire, insect infestation, and water intrusion, three of the most dangerous threats to a home’s structural integrity. Many homeowners and building owners in areas prone to forest fires use slate roofs to protect their structures from falling embers that may catch a roof on fire.

Consider the types of threats your home faces and whether or not slate will provide the best solution. For example, if hefty snow threatens your roof in the winter, there may be better solutions than the added weight of slate. On the other hand, slate tiles may provide the answer you seek if you need better protection from bugs and intruding water. 

6. Appearance

People throughout history have adored the appearance of a slate roof. The classic slate look complements every home and building style, and slate tiles come in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colors, including gray, black, red, and more.

If your motivation to install a slate roof stems from its stunning appearance, consider if synthetic slate could provide the same result. The synthetic variety offers a similar look but doesn’t weigh or cost as much or break as easily as natural slate.

Let PRS Roofing Handle Your Slate Roof Installation

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