Preventing Roof Leaks: What Are the Different Methods

Written on July 18, 2022 by Austin Matz

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Roof leaks are common. The older the property, the likelier the possibility of leaks. That said, even new roofs can leak sometimes.

Fortunately, preventing roof leaks is possible. As an expert roof company in Sanford, FL, we know some of the significant causes of roof leaks. Heeding our tips will reduce the risk of a roof leak to the bare minimum.

preventing roof leaks

Here are some suggestions for how to lower the possibility of a roof leak in your home:

Avoid Walking on Your Roof

Roofs can withstand heavy rain and generally inclement weather. However, regardless of the roofing materials used, no roof is meant to support the weight of a full-sized adult. Walking on your roof is a sure way to add structural cracks—especially if you have metal or tile roofing.

It’s essential to stay off the roof. If any repair requires going up there, hiring qualified professionals who know how to navigate the space without the risk of damage is best.

Keep the Roof Clear

Clean the roof regularly using a broom, garden hose, and pressure washer. Don’t allow debris or objects such as balls or toys to remain on the roof. Anything that weighs the roof down risks weakening it.

Prevent Ice Dams

One of the best approaches to preventing roof leaks is to get rid of ice dams as quickly as possible. Ice dams are ice that has formed on the roof’s edge, blocking snow on the roof from sliding to the ground. However, don’t deice with salt as it’s likely to cause corrosion and trigger leaks.

Keep the Gutters Clean

If you allow the gutters to become backed up, puddles can form on the roof, increasing the risk of a leak. You should clean your gutters twice a year, including one professional cleaning session per year.

Ventilate Your Attic

Hot air rises to the top of any space it occupies. As hot air rises from your attic, it can weaken the roofing materials and increase the possibility of leaks. Ventilating the attic causes the heat to dissipate outdoors instead of building up beneath the roof.

Schedule Regular Roof Maintenance

Many people wait until after a major weather event to call in professional roofing contractors. However, scheduling regular roof maintenance at least twice a year is a sure way to avoid a leaky roof. The contractors will check for damage in the roof joints, posts, gutters, and more to get ahead of the situation.

Get Professional Help for Leak Prevention

Most of the tips for preventing roof leaks covered above require working with a professional roofing company like PRS Roofing. Our inspection and maintenance solution will reduce the probability of roof leaks and keep your home dry.

Where the leaks already exist, we can stop them at an affordable price. Learn more about the factors that affect roofing repair costs.

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