Understanding The Basic Parts of a House Roof

Written on September 26, 2022 by Austin Matz

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Knowing the basic parts of a house roof makes self-diagnosing roof-related problems easier. You’ll also be more able to discuss issues with a roofing contractor.

parts of a house roof

At our Deltona, FL, roofing company, we’re always happy to arm our customers with as much information as possible about their roofing system. This article will cover the basic parts of a house roof, from the core structure down to the edge.


The rafters are an array of sloped vertical structural beams extending from the peak to the roof’s edge. These beams provide the core support for the roof load. A poor job when building rafters will lead to a collapsed roof.


Purlins are horizontal structural beams that provide additional support to the rafters. They are an essential part of the roof system and are compulsory in high-wind areas.


The underlayment is a water-resistant material that serves as a last line of defense between the roofing system and your home. Asphalt-saturated felt is the top choice of underlayment for most contractors.

Roof Sheathing

Also known as roof decking, sheathing is the design element on top of the underlayment. It serves as the nailbed for the roof material. Combined with the underlayment, the roof sheathing can help insulate your home and keep water out.


These make up the outermost layer of roof structures. Asphalt shingles are the popular choice because they are the most affordable. However, you can choose other materials, including metal and plastic roofing sheets.


You can’t ignore the flashing when discussing the basic parts of a house roof system. It’s a resistant molding that helps keep water from infiltrating your roof. Without flashing, water can enter your home from the joints between the roof and chimney or skylights.

Drip Edge

The drip edge is a type of molding that protects the roof edges. It reduces the risk of water entering the roof from any hidden corners. You’re not under any legal compulsion to install a drip edge, but any professional roofing contractor will include it.


The fascia is the most prominent part of your roof’s edge when looking at it from the ground. It’s an essential band beneath the roof’s edge, holding other vital parts of the roof, like the downspout and the gutter.

Downspout and Gutters

The gutters are metal systems that channel water away from the roof’s edge. They link to the downspouts, which ensure the water flows out from the roof’s foundation.

Roof Vents

The roof vents help relieve the pressure from inside the attic. Every roof system needs this to ensure the longevity of the entire roof structure.

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Now that you know the basic parts of a house roof, you can better monitor your roof system and spot any potential problems ahead of time. 

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