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Many Orlando residents use standing seam metal roofing for their homes and businesses. Not only does a metal roof have impressive durability, but it also creates a unique style that can boost curb appeal. PRS Roofing knows how critical it is to protect your metal roof and works hard to provide high-end installation, repair, and maintenance services for metal roofing systems in Orlando, FL.

Not only does your roof protect your house or building from the weather, but it also contributes to the overall style of your property. That’s why starting a roof project requires professional tools and expertise.

PRS Roofing has the tools and experienced contractors needed for reliable metal roofing services. Whether you need a new roof or siding repairs, our contractors can help you restore or replace your roof and protect your house or business.

Metal Roofing Benefits

Homeowners and businesses around Florida invest in standing seam metal roofing due to its multiple benefits.


Like any other part of your house or building, a roof requires routine maintenance. Your metal roof could be subject to common roofing problems and a shorter lifespan without proper maintenance.

One of the benefits of a metal roof is its minimal maintenance requirements. You don’t have to worry about frequent upkeep with standing seam metal roofing, which saves you both time and money.


Durability is one of the most important characteristics to look for in a roof. Metal roofs have impressive longevity and can withstand Florida’s various weather changes. With proper installation from metal roof installers, standing seam metal roofing can last up to 50 years. Homeowners who plan to have their property for a long time benefit from metal roofing systems since they tend to last longer than other roofing materials.


Although metal roofing is highly durable, it is also lightweight. Generally, metal roofing is around 80% lighter than slate panels and 50% lighter than traditional shingles. As a result, installing a metal roof is significantly quicker and easier than installing other types of roofs.


Metal roofing material is recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly roofing option. Florida residents can use metal roofing systems to make more eco-friendly decisions while investing in highly reliable roofs for their homes and buildings.

Latest Metal Roof Improvements

One of the latest technological improvements of metal roofing is galvanized steel. By using galvanized steel for your new roof, you can increase the overall durability of your metal roof while customizing it to match the unique style of your house or building.

For additional protection, our customers can add a protective roof coating. A protective coating is a valuable addition for Florida homes and buildings as it can help safeguard your roof from moisture, extreme heat, and strong winds.

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