Why You Should Get an Impact-Resistant Roof

Written on September 19, 2022 by Austin Matz

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Your roof system should be strong enough to protect your home from extreme weather events such as hailstorms. However, some handle this responsibility better than others. Impact-resistant roof systems are what you need.

Are you unsure about how they help? Our Sanford, FL, roofing services experts are here with some insights into how these roof systems work and why you need them.

impact resistant roof

What Are Impact-Resistant Roof Materials?

Impact-resistant roof materials feature technology that makes them more resistant to roof damage from hail and flying debris during a storm.  

Hail damage make it hard for standard roof systems to reach anywhere close to their advertised lifespan. Even if your roof does make it all the way, you may have to face costly repairs along the way. 

You need a higher class of roof. Luckily, roof materials that can withstand hail and high wind damage have a Class IV rating.

The Impact-Resistant Roof Rating System Explained

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has a rating system that checks the impact-resistance level of roof systems and assigns them a rating. Class IV is the highest level.

UL tests the roof material by dropping steel balls of different sizes from different heights to mimic the movement of hailstones and other flying debris.

The roof specimen passes the test if it comes through two tests without sustaining any cracks, breaks, or splits.

Are Impact-Resistant Roofs Worth the Hassle?

Impact-resistant roof systems cost a little more than traditional systems. Therefore, some property owners are skeptical about the investment. Is the impact-resistant designation accurate, or just clever marketing?

Any experienced roofing contractor will tell you that impact-resistant shingles are worth the money. This is especially true for people living in hail-prone areas. These systems reduce the possibility of damage following a weather event. You can avoid the expense of roof repairs or premature roof replacement.

In other states, impact-resistant roof systems can qualify you for insurance premium reductions.

Other Advantages of Impact-Resistant Roofs

Protection Against Fire Damage

Due to the composition of impact-resistant roofs, most Class IV-rated products are also Class A fire rated. So, you get more than just protection from extreme weather events; you get protection from wildfires too.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Choosing impact-resistant roofs can help lower your carbon footprint. Since the roof systems last longer, fewer materials will head to landfills, and you’ll help reduce the number of newly manufactured roof systems.

Improved Resale Value

Most prospective home buyers will love knowing that the roof over the property can withstand weather damage better. It can make them more open to reaching or exceeding your asking price.

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