How To Walk on a Tile Roof Without Causing Damage

Written on December 26, 2022 by Austin Matz

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Homeowners often need to walk on their roofs to perform cleanings and maintenance, but many don’t know how to walk on tile roof materials without damaging them. Roofing tiles hold up well to wind, rain, ice, and snow, but they can easily break if you step on them incorrectly. If you need to get up on your tile roof, keep this article handy to make sure you don’t cause damage. 

At PRS Roofing, we install, repair, and replace slate, clay, and concrete tile roofs, so we understand the best practices for keeping them safe. Visit our blog to learn about the lifespan of tile roofing, one of the primary motivators for installing tile roofing materials. 

Six Tips for Walking on Tile Roofs Without Causing Damage

1. Prepare Accordingly

Before you climb onto your roof, remember that safety should always remain your number one priority. To avoid putting yourself in danger of falling, avoid walking on your roof when it’s wet or icy or during high wind conditions. To prepare, find a good pair of non-slip boots, but avoid wearing cumbersome, heavy shoes or those with slick soles.

2. Step on Overlapping Sections

When practicing how to walk on tile roof materials, take it slow. Always carefully step on the strongest point of the tile. A roofing tile’s strongest area is the bottom few inches that overlap the tile beneath it. When stepping onto a barrel tile, align your arch with that of the tile. 

3. Evenly Distribute Your Weight

Slow, precise movements work best when walking on a tile roof. You want to keep your weight as evenly distributed as possible, avoiding placing all your body weight on a single tile. 

4. Avoid Damaged Tiles

Walking on broken tiles may worsen the damage or cause nearby tiles to crack. If you notice damaged tiles on your roof, avoid those areas, and contact a local roofer. 

5. Avoid Custom-Cut Tiles

Cut tiles edging valleys and hips may be more challenging to replace if broken, so we recommend avoiding walking on them at all. Areas of exposed flashing, foam, or mortar make great walking paths to prevent stepping on brittle tiles. 

6. Hire a Professional Roofer

Roofing tile manufacturers typically recommend avoiding walking on tile roofs. Instead, leave repairs to professionals with training on how to walk on them safely. Clay tiles, in particular, are not designed to be walked on and can be very slippery. 

Let PRS Roofing Care for Your Tile Roof

Our professional roofers at PRS Roofing understand how to walk on tile roof materials without causing damage. We install, repair, and replace clay, concrete, and slate roofing tiles and have the training to maneuver safely on a roof. 

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About The Author: Austin Matz

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