Why You Should Never Try DIY Roof Replacement: Top 4 Reasons

Written on March 1, 2022 by Austin Matz

There are several home projects that homeowners can do by themselves for which little expertise and basic tools are required. Roof replacement is not among them. Roof work is complex and dangerous, and attempting to do it yourself can end disastrously. Therefore, it is best to source a professional to replace or repair your roof.

diy roof replacement

Below are five reasons why you should never attempt a DIY roof replacement.

No Guaranteed Safety

When repairing a steep roof, your body is elevated since you must use a ladder to access the top surface. You risk getting injured doing a DIY roof replacement because you do not have the skills to work on a rooftop or trace potential danger and lack the appropriate safety equipment used by professional contractors.

Professional roofers have years of experience walking on roofs and can comfortably operate tools while balancing. For best roof replacement results, seek roofing services in Orlando by PRS roofing.

You May Miss Important Roof Problems

Roof problems such as missing architectural shingles and old roofs are easy to spot. But what about issues beneath the roof like rotten beams? When you do a DIY roof replacement, you may leave hard-to-notice problems that could compromise your new roof unresolved.

Additionally, during a DIY roof replacement, you risk causing more damage due to your inexperience, making the mess bigger. For instance, if you lack the skills to hammer in the shingles, you will create more holes that leak water into your home, causing more damage. You may also crack installed shingles while attempting to fix those that have chips or cracks.

No Warranty

A DIY approach makes you responsible for any material damage during roof replacement. Accidents may happen during a DIY roof replacement that damage your roofing materials. In this case, you will have to buy other roofing materials since most manufacturers have a policy that only warrants work done by the manufacturer or a certified installer.

Working with a professional roofing company assures you of quality work and compensation for materials with issues during handiwork.

It Is Expensive

Many people consider doing work themselves to save money. However, you are likely to spend more money once you replace your roof yourself because you may make mistakes that must be corrected by a professional. Resolving a botched roof replacement is expensive because the roofing contractor has to remove your unprofessional work before replacing the roof correctly.

Attempting a DIY roof replacement may cost you your home insurance since your roof plays a huge role in home insurance eligibility. Once an insurance company confirms you have done a DIY roof replacement, they cancel your home insurance policy since you are likely to have altered the house’s structural integrity.

Hire a professional roofing contractor to do your replacement to avoid unnecessary costs and fines.

Professional Roof Replacement Services

A roof is essential since it insulates your home and protects your family from heavy rains and snow. Therefore, you should always have your roof repaired to prevent damage from the snow and extend its lifespan. Learn how to prevent snow damage to your roof here.

At PRS roofing, we install new roofs and offer prompt roof repairs in Orlando. Our professional team provides reliable services for both residential and commercial houses. Contact PRS roofing at (800) 750-9198 to book a consultation today.

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