causes of roof leaks

5 Common Causes of Roof Leaks

by | Nov 17, 2023 | PRS Roofing

A leaky roof can cause many problems, from mold and health concerns to structural and foundational damage. Most small leaks will grow into time-consuming and expensive problems.

PRS Roofing explains the leading causes of roof leaks to help you stop the problem before it begins. With regular visual inspections, you can make sure that your roof remains waterproof, making leaks are a thing of the past.

Causes Of Roof Leaks

1. Holes

Even minute holes can allow water to flow freely into your home. While some holes wear away over time due to neglect, others can happen very suddenly.

Hailstones and falling tree branches can easily punch through the roof shingles and membrane. Removing fixed objects from your roof, like an antenna or satellite dish, will leave behind anchor holes. Patching these holes before the next rain is vital to protecting your home from water damage.

2. Damaged Shingles

Shingles are the initial defense against the elements. They form a waterproof barrier that wicks water away from the home and into the gutters.

Unfortunately, shingles have a set lifespan, after which they tend to weaken and become vulnerable to damage. Strong winds can blow shingles off, while heavy storms can crack shingles. Make a habit of examining your roof for damaged shingles after any heavy storm or prolonged periods of harsh weather.

3. Damaged Flashing

Flashing is a metal cover that seals joints and seams in your roof. Common areas of flashing include chimneys, skylights, and vents, as well as the drip edge of your roof. Improper installation of flashing can trap water between the metal and roof, leading to extensive water damage and a leaky roof. Flashing is also vulnerable to aging and will often rust or crack after several years.

4. Attic Condensation

Sometimes, the source of a leaky roof may not come from the outside. One of the most common causes of roof leaks is the attic, where there’s often a significant temperature difference.

Large temperature differences between the interior and exterior combined with moisture-laden air will lead to condensation and water formation. Unless you visit your attic often, this issue can remain undetected for a very long time. Signs of attic condensation include a strong, musty odor from the attic, as well as stale air.

5. Clogged Gutters

Gutters are a vital part of roof systems, as they transport water away from the roof and into the ground. Gutters also tend to collect debris, including animal matter, leaves, and branches. A clogged drain won’t move water effectively, leading to an accumulation of water on the roof, which will eventually run down the walls.

Most roof repair experts in Orlando recommend regular gutter cleaning to prevent this issue. For maximum benefit, schedule a cleaning every six months or before Florida’s next rainy season.

Knowing the causes of roof leaks helps you detect potential problems before they get serious. If you’ve spotted any of the signs we’ve discussed, contact PRS Roofing to schedule a consultation today!

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