Can You Replace a Shingle Roof With Tile?

Written on December 12, 2022 by Austin Matz

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If your roof has featured standard asphalt shingles for decades, consider replacing them with a more durable, longer-lasting roofing material such as roof tiles. Many homeowners wonder, “Can you replace a shingle roof with tile?” The general answer is yes. 

In this article, our PRS Roofing team explains the benefits of replacing shingles with tiles and the main things to consider before committing to a replacement. If you need clarification on whether a tile roof will provide what you’re looking for, learn about the impressive tile roof lifespan.

Why Replace a Shingle Roof With Tiles?

Homeowners replace shingle roofs with other roofing materials for various reasons. The primary benefits of replacing a shingle roof with a tile one include the following:

  • Roofing tiles last 50 years or more, at least double the lifespan of shingles.
  • Tiles provide better UV protection and weather resistance than shingles.
  • Tile roofs provide increased insulation due to the wooden battens.
  • Tiles offer a more classic appearance for a boost in curb appeal.

These are just some of the advantages of tile roofs over shingle roofs. 

Key Considerations When Replacing Roofing Shingles With Tiles

Answering the question, “Can you replace a shingle roof with tile?” depends partly on the home. While replacing shingles with tiles is typically possible, some homeowners may have better options. Consider the following factors before deciding on your roofing material replacement:


Weight represents one of the main differences between shingle roofs and tile roofs. Tiles weigh significantly more than shingles, so they require more structural support. Homeowners must ensure that their roof structures will support the new material before replacing a shingle roof with tiles. 


Manufacturers create roofing tiles using a variety of materials and colors. You may opt for red clay tiles, gray concrete tiles, or another color option. Roof tiles also come in various styles, and you may choose Spanish barrel tiles or flat tiles, depending on your appearance preferences.  


Changing the type of roof on your home may involve high costs if you replace shingles with tiles. Roofing tiles are much more expensive than shingles in terms of upfront costs, especially if the roof needs reinforcing before the new installation. However, a properly installed tile roof will last decades longer than an asphalt shingle roof, providing long-term cost savings. 

Let PRS Roofing Replace Your Shingle Roof With Tile

Can you replace a shingle roof with tile? Yes, but you must determine whether or not this option best suits your home. Let our PRS Roofing team walk you through your material options if you’re considering a total roof replacement. A tile roof may suit your needs better than your current shingle roof. 

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